Karel Boele

MSA (ANU), BE Hons Phys, BA (Syd)

Founder and Director, Jnana Australia

Independent Candidate for South Brisbane and Griffith on the PeopleDecide platform

Karel has been managing Jnana and EcoDirectory Australia since 2010.

Notable projects:

  • managing the development and provision of software, mobile apps and support for government timebanking projects in urban and rural regions;
  • managing an international study into complementary currencies, chaired by Bernard Lietaer, co-founder of the Euro;
  • designed, negotiated and managed a large project to develop financial transparency and accountability in Asia; and
  • managed an election campaign for a participatory democracy party.

He has undertaken extensive research into community currencies, banking (particularly investment and e-banking), e-commerce, the virtual economy, ethical consumption, participatory democracy and collaborative project management.

Prior to this Karel lived in Cambodia managing The Provision of Experts for the Development of Securities Sector in Cambodia, a unique consultancy style project using volunteers. The scope of the project was to draft the regulations for the securities and exchange commission of Cambodia (SECC), rules for the Exchange, rules for a dealers association and recommendations for wider legislative change. A prominent steering committee was established to oversee, and prominent organisations partnered with, the project.

He co-ordinated the feasibility studies, negotiated with the Cambodian Government and together with consultants designed the project.

This was preceded working for a small Canberra based NGO managing international aid projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Projects covered the financial, legal, education, health, environmental and IT sectors.

Karel has worked with Amnesty International Australia. He was involved in campaigns aimed at achieving financial equality for all, disseminating information about anti-terror laws, Guantánamo Bay, CIA rendition flights, indigenous rights and conditions in Darfur, Sudan.

Karel lived in the wilderness solo for 6 months, similar to the movie "Into the Wild", taught meditation courses at the University of Sydney, and has been a judge for the Green Awards and Ethical Enterprise Awards in Australia.

In the late 1990s he worked as a mechatronic engineer on a robotic system to calculate the friction on airport runways where he developed good project management skills. He has also had experience with the United Nations and represented Australia as a performer in the handover ceremony at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA.

Karel has a Masters of Strategic Affairs from the Australian National University. A Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering with an Honours thesis in physics and a Bachelor of Arts in studies in religion and asian studies. He also worked on a special project into an interpretation of quantum mechanics. Other qualifications include business and risk management.

Publications and speeches:

  • Boele. K. ʻNew directions in Asia-Pacific Co-operation - Linking Tracks 1, 2 and 3ʼ, Conference Paper, Towards Greater Efficiency in Regulating and Supervising Financial Markets in Emerging Economies, East Asia Summit Seminar, 2009.
  • Boele K. ‘Preliminary Lessons: Project to Assist the Development of the Cambodian Stock Exchange’, Speech, Towards Greater Efficiency in Regulating and Supervising Financial Markets in Emerging Economies, East Asia Summit Seminar 2009.
  • Boele K. ʻEvidence of a Virtual Anode in Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC)ʼ, Physics Thesis, University of Sydney, 2002.
  • Khachan J., Bosi S., Moore D., & Boele K. ʻSpatial ion energy distribution along a micro-channel in an IEC deviceʼ, Conference paper 2, 4th U.S.-Japan Workshop on IEC Sources, 2002.

Karel’s enjoys the outdoors, politics, social and economic development, physics and meditation. He is a certified leaders wilderness first aider and enjoys spending time with people.

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