Sustainable, ethical, green, vegan and minimalist

EcoDirectory is a sustainable, ethical, green, vegan and minimalist blog written by Jnana director, Karel Boele.

EcoDirectory is Australia's original directory for sustainable, green, ethical and fair trade products and services. The website and mobile app was transformed into a blog in 2016.

It was originally set up as part of the website in 2003. EcoShop and EcoDirectory split into separate sites in 2006.

EcoDirectory aims to support unique and genuine sustainable, ethical, green, vegan and minimalist initiatives, whether commercial, non-profit, community or activist.



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    People Decide got 1.6% in the 2016 Federal Election, "I am happy with that because it reflects the work and time we put in." founder and director of Jnana, Karel Boele, Independent Candidate for Griffith

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