Participatory democracy

Participatory Democracy Government


Jnana helped develop and provides expertise and advice to People Decide,, a project and campaign to form a participatory democracy government. People Decide's model is mix of representative, deliberative and direct democracy. The aim is to form a more representative, effective, stable and efficient form of government. Its platform is based on open-source software.

Jnana helped develop the People Decide structure, participatory democracy model, IT voting platform and election campaign all of which have gone through many evolutions.

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The participatory democracy model

The participatory democracy has transformed to a process involving MPs, Senators and Councillors contracted to vote with the majority of the people on the single issue Bills and decisions in Parliament and Council. People must read a summary of a Bill or decision developed by the people before they vote and have six weeks to consider it to ensure an informed vote. See the People Decide faq.

The development of the summaries is currently under testing.

The voting platform

The IT voting platform is at version 3.0. It now automatically verifies voters and draws all Federal, State legislation and Local Government Impact Assessment Developments into the system.

People Decide voting system example

People Decide voting system example

Karel Boele, Director Jnana, is the main candidate for People Decide.

Participatory democracy speaking tour

Karel Boele and Tim Jenkin travelled Australia in May 2015 on a speaking tour about complementary currencies and participatory democracy.

Engagements included both paid and in-kind presentations and audiences included governments, corporations and not-for-profits, and interviews with media.

See more about the tour here.

Other work in political development

See Jnana's other work in political development.

Jnana is a Certified NationBuilder developer.


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