Australia and New Zealand Timebanking


On 5th March 2015 Jnana launched a new user-interface for Timebanking software for the Department of Education & Communities, NSW Government. On 24th April 2014 Jnana launched the new leading-edge platform, to be rolled out across Australia and is currently in 70 communities across NSW with over 6000 members and 25,000 hours traded.

In November 2013, Jnana signed a 5-year contract to continually develop the software. It followed a successful trial in the Central Coast and Hunter Valley.


New Timeabanking user-interface

New Timebanking user-interface

New Timeabanking software screenshot

New Timebanking software at launch

The project is run by the Department of Family and Community Services, NSW Government.

NSW Volunteering

Mosman Park Hour Exchange

Mosman Park Hour Exchange

In August 2013, Jnana commenced a local timebanking project, www.mosmanparkhourexchange.com.au, with Town of Mosman Park, Perth, Western Australia. The website and software was successfully launched, training provided and adaptations made. The project is funded by the Government of Western Australia.

Town Mosman ParkGovernment of WA

Hunter Valley and Central Coast Timebanking Trial

Timebanking iPhone App

In October 2012, Jnana signed a 18-month contract with the NSW Government to provide the software and support for the Timebanking project, in the Central Coast and Hunter Valley in NSW. The website and software was successfully launched, training provided and adaptations made. Subsequently, Jnana developed and launched the Timebanking iPhone App and Android apps.

The trial was sponsored by the NSW Government and operated by Hunter Volunteer Centre and Volunteering Central Coast.

VCC. HVC and NSW Govt.jpg


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