International economic, political and sustainability consultancy

Jnana Australia provides economics, politics and sustainability solutions and advice. We specialise in complementary currencies, participatory democracy, political mediation, sustainable living and wellbeing. We negotiate, design and manage projects for national and international governments, corporations, NGOs and political parties.

We have experience in project management, IT, environment, currencies, securities, banking, law, mediation, sustainable building and personal wellbeing.

Projects we enjoy include:

  • community currency and timebanking design, implementation and consulting;
  • fusing mainstream and alternative economic development and implementation;
  • participatory democracy design, implementation and consulting;
  • mediation and diplomacy;
  • sustainable living education and advice; and
  • wellbeing courses and advice.


We are able to fuse together the practical aspects of economics, the diplomacy needed in politics and wellbeing of people.