International economic, political and wellbeing consultancy

Jnana Australia focuses on solutions that have a positive, real and tangible impact on world. We are pragmatic, solution-oriented, effective, creative and outside the box doers and thinkers.  

We specialise in securities, ethical banking, complimentary and community currency, international aid and development, law, sustainable building and farming, participatory democracy, political mediation and wellbeing. 

We negotiate, design and manage projects for governments, corporations, NGOs and political parties.

We are able to fuse together the practical aspects of economics, the diplomacy needed in politics and wellbeing of people.

A world where everyone is living their full potential.

Develop fulfilling, equitable and fair economies, democracies and lifestyles.

Truth, ingenuity, happiness, inspiration, pragmatism, simplicity and wisdom.

In sanskrit, Jnana means wisdom / knowledge.

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