Jnana Australia

Jnana Australia is an international development consultancy. Founded in 2010 by Karel Boele. Clients have included state and local governments, multi-national corporations, investment firms, international NGOs and political parties.

We focus on solutions that have a positive, real and tangible impact on world. We are pragmatic, solution-oriented, effective, creative and outside the box doers and thinkers.

Jnana has experience in complimentary and community currencies, banking, securities, international aid and development, law, sustainable building and farming, participatory democracy, political mediation and wellbeing. We have an extensive network of highly experienced and skilled professionals.

‚ÄĚJnana/Karel demonstrated abundant enthusiasm, energy and excitement about Timebanking and Local Exchange Trading Schemes. Their patience and flexibility was exceptional, and their product is judged to be of exceptional value by our technology specialists. They have exceeded the expectations of their customers on every occasion." - Government client.

Email: jnana [at] jnana.com.au

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