Bartertown event organised by BrisLETS

Great Bartertown event organised by BrisLETS yesterday. You received community currency at the door and traded goods and services with it throughout the event.

People Decide and Karel were there with the electric car. Anita Diamond, People Decide candidate, gave her debut singing performance in front of the public with her band.

BrisLETS is the local Brisbane community exchange system. It is part of the global Community Exchange System (CES) where you trade goods and services using community currency. You receive community currency for what you can offer the community.

People Decide mobile voting unit and Karel

People Decide mobile voting unit, Karel and BrisLETS members.

Anita Diamond debut singingBartertown trading

Anita Diamond, PD candidate, debut singing performance and trading with community currency.

Bartertown making chaiBartertown drumming

Making chai and drumming activities.


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