Effective 18th November 2013

1. Name

1.1 The name of this political party is People Decide (“PD”)

2. Aims and Objectives

2.1 PD’s aim is a happier society by establishing participatory democracy in Australia and giving people greater control over the laws that govern them. Participatory democracy can create a more effective, efficient and stable government.

2.2 PD’s objectives are:

2.2.1 promote Candidates for election to Parliament;

2.2.2 form and hold Government with MPs that have signed a contract that Registered Voters can vote on Bills being debated in Parliament and they will vote in Parliament in accordance with Registered Voters as described in this Constitution (“PD MPs”).

2.2.3 introduce a deliberative tool to contribute to ensuring an informed vote; and

2.2.4 in the long term to submit Bills to Parliament created by or co-created with PD Voters.

3. Registered Voters

3.1 Registered Voters (“Registered Voter”) are registered electors that can be verified on the Australian Electoral Roll.

3.2 PD must have MPs in Parliament for Registered Voters to vote on Bills in Parliament, and Registered Voters must register as a registered voter (“PD Voter”) on a PD endorsed website or mobile application.

3.3 It is free to register and vote on PD endorsed websites and mobile applications.

3.4 It is not compulsory to vote on PD endorsed websites and mobile applications.

3.5 PD Voters agree to abide by this PD Constitution.

3.6 If PD has reasonable evidence any PD Voter was fraudulent, tampered or obstructed a vote they and any associated PD Voters at PD’s discretion will be barred from voting on PD for 20 years unless they or any of the associated PD Voters successfully sue a third-party other than PD, PD Committee, PD Committee members, PD MPs, PD MP-elects, PD Candidates and associated PD entities for the fraudulent, tampered or obstructed vote.

3.7 PD Voters may de-register by submitting an PD endorsed website contact form associated with their local PD MP, MP-elect or Candidate with their details and “cancel my registration” in the comment field. The cancellation takes affect within ten (10) days of submitting the form.

4. Voting

4.1 MPs will vote on Bills in Parliament in accordance with a quorum (“Quorum”) of, and the majority (“Majority”) of votes by, PD Voters in their electorate at the final vote MPs can vote on Bills in Parliament.

4.2 Quorum is defined as 1 or more PD Voters.

4.3 Majority is defined as greater than 50%.

4.4 Each PD Voter has one (1) vote per Bill.

4.5 PD Voters can vote and change their vote at anytime during a voting period. A voting period (“Voting Period”) will be set depending on the mechanics of Parliament and IT limitations, including: late submission of amendments to Bills, to ensure PD Voters have the longest possible period to vote on all Bills and any amendments.

4.6 The end of the Voting Period will occur randomly during a time-window before the final vote MPs can vote on Bills in Parliament. PD MPs can submit their own vote after the end of the Voting Period to break a tie, if any.

4.7 PD will introduce a deliberative tool in the voting process to contribute to ensuring an informed vote.

4.8 PD MPs submit Bills to Parliament important to their electorate, Australia and global co-operation, and inline with PD’s vision. In the long term PD MPs will submit Bills to Parliament created by or co-created with PD Voters.

4.9 PD MPs will fulfil executive, Parliamentary business and committee hearing duties as required.

4.10 Voting Exceptions

4.10.1 PD Committee may intervene in a vote if there is clear misuse, manipulation, obstruction or tampering of the vote.

4.10.2 PD Committee will decide votes on Supply and Confidence Bills.

4.10.3 PD MPs will vote no on a Bill or Issue that has not been open to PD Voters to vote on for a minimum Voting Period of six (6) weeks unless the Bill or Issue has a sunset clause of maximum 90 days.

4.10.4 PD MPs will vote yes on Appropriation Bills and Tariffs. After PD has held at least two (2) but not more than four (4) consecutive terms in Parliament, PD will determine a step-by-step approach for PD Voters to vote on them.

4.10.5 PD MPs will vote no on a Bill or Issue that will break any laws of Australia.

4.10.6 PD MPs will vote no on Bills and issues to pre-emptively enter war where there is no mandate for the Australian Armed Forces to only use force in self-defence to the Australian Armed Forces.

4.11 In all other cases PD MPs will abstain.

5. Membership

5.1 All Registered Voters on the Australian Electoral Roll can become a member of PD (“PD Member”).

5.2 PD Members must not be a member of another Registered Political Party with the Australian Electoral Commission (“AEC”).

5.3 Membership is free and donations are optional.

5.4 PD Members are automatically PD Voters.

5.5 PD MPs, MP-elects, Candidates and Committee must be PD Members.

5.6 PD MPs, MP-elects and Candidates will not become a member of another political party or an independent without permission from the PD Committee.

5.7 A PD Member may cancel their membership by submitting the PD website contact form with their details and “cancel my registration” in the comment field. The cancellation takes affect within ten (10) days of submitting the form.

5.8 PD Members may be expelled by the PD Committee if they do not abide by the PD Constitution, laws of Australia, threaten the existence of, or damage the reputation of PD.

6. Committee

6.1 The PD Committee is the PD Leader, Deputy Leader, Secretary, Registered Officer and Party Agent. PD Members may observe PD Committee meetings.

6.2 The PD Leader and Registered Officer will be selected by the founder of PD, otherwise the first PD Candidate to run for Parliament under the PD brand other than the founder. The PD Deputy Leader, Secretary and Agent will be selected by PD Committee.

6.3 The PD Committee will use the ‘red line’ consensus decision making method used at the UN Climate Change Conference, Paris, 2015 to make decisions. If there is a stalemate the Party Leader will facilitate and make the decision.

6.4 All upcoming decisions must be notified to all PD Committee members within seven (7) days of the date of a vote unless a PD Committee member has notified other PD Committee members of their absence and specified alternative voting arrangements.

6.5 For a PD Committee member to have the veto power in the 'red line' method they must have contributed significantly to, or run as a candidate for, PD in the last twelve (12) months.

6.6 PD Leader is the leader of PD in Parliament.

6.7 PD Deputy Leader assumes the role of PD Leader when the PD Leader is on leave or incapacitated unless otherwise specified by the PD Leader.

6.8 The PD Leader and Deputy Leader may not be PD MPs.

6.9 PD Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day administration of PD.

6.10 PD Registered Officer is responsible for the nomination of PD Candidates, PD registered name and abbreviation on ballot papers, and PD Preferences.

6.11 PD Party Agent is responsible for PD's financial records.

6.12 With mutual agreement PD Committee members may share their responsibilities.

6.13 PD Committee will hold an annual general meeting and any special meetings necessary.

6.14 PD Committee members may resign in writing to the PD Secretary and the PD Secretary to PD Leader at anytime.

7. Financial Records

7.1 PD Committee may authorise the use of funds.

7.2 PD Party Agent will keep financial records in accordance with general financial guidelines.

7.3 PD Party Agent will prepare and lodge PD's annual financial disclosure return with AEC.

8. Changing the Constitution

8.1 A change to the PD Constitution may be made by the PD Committee.

9. State and Territory Branches

9.1 This PD Constitution supersedes any other PD constitutions, including any PD state or territory branch constitutions.

9.2. PD Committee will determine the establishment of PD state or territory branches.

10. Commencement

10.1 PD will adopt the Constitution at the first PD Committee meeting by vote.

11. Interpretation

11.1 Australian Armed Forces means the Australian Defence Force and any other armed Australian forces.

11.2 Australian Electoral Roll means the Australian Commonwealth Electoral Roll.

11.3 Bills and Issues means Bills and other instruments, if there are other instruments not considered bills, submitted to and voted on in Parliament.

11.4 Budget means the main annual appropriation Bills and Issues in Parliament that direct the Government and Parliament financial position for the next financial year.

11.5 Candidate means a candidate nominated to stand for election as a PD MP at an Australian election or fill a PD MP vacancy.

11.6 Clause means a clause in the Constitution.

11.7 Constitution means this document the Constitution of the Australian People Decide Political Party.

11.8 Councillors means persons who sit in Local Council and vote on legislation.

11.9 Government in Parliament means the governing party/ies in Parliament.

11.10 Local Council means the local government chamber where legislation is passed.

11.11 MP means Members of Parliament, Senators or Councillors of Parliament.

11.12 MP-elects means elected or nominated individuals yet to be sworn in Members of Parliament and Senators.

11.13 Parliament means the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Parliaments of State or Territory Governments of Australia or Local Council.

11.14 Parliamentary Sittings means a legislative session, a set period of time, in Parliament in which legislature is convened for the purpose of lawmaking.

11.15 Preferences means preferences agreed upon in the Australian preferential voting system.

11.16 Reference to a word includes the singular and the plural of the word and vice versa.

11.17 Registered Political Party means a registered political party with the AEC.

11.18 Registered Voter means registered electors that can be verified on the Australian Electoral Roll.

11.19 Section means a section in the Constitution.

11.20 Supply and Confidence Bills means any appropriation or supply, and no-confidence Bills that may bring down the Government of the day.

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