Solid Ink Printer, no cartridges, no waste!

Fuji Xerox Solid Ink Printer

I got the Fuji Xerox Solid Ink Printer in 2012. Really, it is amazing, no cartridges, no waste! There are just these solid blocks of soy ink, that are arguably eatable and can be used as crayons, although a little expensive. After printing there is nothing left except a little excess ink which you can put in the compost. It prints brilliant colour images and can print on more types of recycled paper than other printers.

It is still expensive to buy upfront but it has a low colour cost-per-page over the lifetime of the printer, so can be the most efficient printer you buy depending what you print.

The only real issue I have had is that it has less moving parts than other printers so is meant to break down less but I have needed two call outs in the 3 years. I have had one for a replacement part and one for a software issue. Smaller issues I have is that is more efficient to leave it on, this is fine for businesses that do high volume printing, and it can be a little noisy. Some people have issues that under the elements prints fade faster than laser prints but I believe this is only an issue for businesses that need to print for the outdoors.

It is so spectacular to print with no waste and the colour is vivid.

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