How will I understand what I am voting on?


a) You must read an unbiased summary developed by the people using wiki technology on the bill or decision before you vote;

b) When you are voting on an issue rather than a personality there is more opportunity to understand how the vote will affect your life;

c) You have a long time to educate yourself, listen to senate hearing committees, discuss and consider bills and decisions. Bills can sit in parliaments for months even years. See How long do I have to vote?;

d) If you make a mistake you can change your vote;

e) The total result of the people is published in real-time, providing you with a sense of reality and allowing you to ask yourself if you have really thought about it. It also gives people who live busy lives time to mobilise if it is not going the way they expect and they haven’t voted yet. Unlike Brexit, where 1.2 million regret their choice;

f) It is an experiment, we are doing it one step at a time. The first step is voting on single issue bills and decisions. This will reduce the number of complex bills and decisions. For example, not included in the first step are appropriation (budget) bills, tariffs and rates. PD politicians also automatically vote yes on supply and confidence bills to ensure a stable parliament and council, and no on pre-emptive strikes of war to ensure greater peace. When voting on issues becomes part of our culture, like in Switzerland, people have voted to both increase and decrease taxes, depending on what is needed at the time;

g) BEST thing! This is a learning experience, sometimes you and the majority of people will get it wrong but unlike politics now we won’t be able to blame the politicians because we voted for it. That creates self-awareness, understanding and learning. If you voted the wrong way it will force you to consider more carefully next time; if you are apathetic and don’t vote it may encourage you to vote next time. If allowed enough time and voting on bills become part of culture it can increase awareness, education and engagement in society which can only be a good thing ;) and

h) Get in there and do it. When you take responsibility for a decision you are forced to raise your consciousness to make it. This lifts society up.

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