Timebanking ownership transferred from NSW Govt to Jnana Australia after 10 years

Timebanking was handed over from the Department of Communities and Justice to Jnana Australia, Community Exchange System (CES) and Community Forge on the 28th February 2022. Jnana Australia developed and managed Timebanking with partners CES and Community Forge for the NSW Government for 10 years starting with a trial in 2012.

Timebanking transferred NSW Govt to Jnana Australia

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Solar and wind system operational

The off-grid solar and wind system on the sustainable research farm is operational. 


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New contract and design for Timebanking

Jnana signed a new contract to improve Timebanking with the Department of Communities and Justice in June 2019.

The first phase of the new design was launched in December 2019.

New Timebanking design

New Timebanking design


Sustainable living

Jnana Australia starts researching and developing a minimalist, environmentally-friendly, economical, quality and enjoyable farm.


The aim is to establish a farm that is fully financially and environmentally sustainable, and enjoyable. It includes using minimal, if any, inputs that don’t come directly from the farm.

Work started in Spring 2018. An initial agriculture research building and shed is under construction. It includes off-grid water and electricity supply systems, with a wind turbine and solar, waste and communication systems.

The research hut was used for a bush fire mitigation workshop for the valley in August 2019. Planting of the first experimental fruit and vegetables has slowly commenced during building.

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New version of Timebanking

Jnana launched the new version of Timebanking for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, March 2017. Timebanking extended to November 2018. 


The new version includes over 50 new features, refinements and improvements, such as: enhanced user-interface, greater reputational indications and feedback options, categories, and better communication processes. 


People Decide launches participatory democracy system


Press Release


You’re invited to help us change the world!


Yes, we know it sounds like a big call but this time it’s absolutely true; if our new participatory democracy system is taken up in Australia, the world will change, and for the better!


Introducing government without the politics. Yes, it’s possible!


Brisbane, 23rd June 2016: Imagine…

  • Politicians contracted to vote with a majority of the people on every bill
  • The abolition of political parties as we know them. There will be no secret deals, no voting along party lines and no place for corruption to fester.
  • No money wasted on elections and taxpayer funded campaigning.
  • The people having a real voice in crucial matters that affect them.

Now imagine that you could do all this from the comfort of your home using a simple app. Eventually there’d be no need to visit a polling booth, and no need to vote at all if you don’t wish to. In our system, voting is non-compulsory. It also has built-in controls to ensure the rules cannot be breached.

New laws, decisions and voting results will be streamed through our unique website and app that allows you, or anyone who is interested, to become informed about developments in the law making arena.

The greatest thing about this is that it has the potential to completely change and improve our society. The more responsibility people have, the more they consider their decisions and the more informed they become.

The system educates by building engagement. If a Bill gets in that voters don’t want, they can’t blame the politicians any more. Voters will consider their vote more carefully next time. Voters who did not vote will consider voting.

When people make a decision that is tangible, and they can see the outcome, research shows they will spend more time considering their decisions.

Find out more by joining us at the

Official People Decide Voting System Launch

7pm - Thursday 23rd June at Little Prince Cafe,

8 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba. Drinks/nibbles provided.

If you don’t come you won’t be able to tell your grandkids that you were there when we began to change the world!

People Decide team


Jnana presents at ICSCC in Salvador, Brazil, and attends ICGNH and meetings in Bhutan

Karel Boele presented at and attended the 3rd International Conference on Social and Complementary Currencies in Salvador, Brazil in October. The conference visited a complementary currency community on an island off Salvador. The conference was great to get an update on everything that is happening overseas and for networking. Karel also visited the Amazon and slept in a hammock in the jungle for a few nights.


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Karel Boele and Tim Jenkin speaking tour a success!

In May Karel Boele and Tim Jenkin travelled around Australia speaking about complementary currencies and participatory democracy.

Meetings with governments, corporations and not-for-profits set in motion plans for Timebanking, CES and People Decide.

Presentations and speaking engagements were a great success inspiring people and generating exposure for Timebanking, CES and People Decide.

The National LETS/CES Conference was a great experience for networking and moving forward all movements.

Radio interviews garnered intelligent questions, interest and exposure for Timebanking, CES and People Decide.

Other events and sightseeing were wonderful too.

Thankyou to Adelaide, Sydney, Hunter Valley, North Queensland and Brisbane.

Tim Adelaide

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Tim Jenkin and Karel Boele speaking tour


Press Release


Should communities be able to design their own currencies?


National speaking tour with Tim Jenkin and Karel Boele


Brisbane, 27th April 2015: Imagine going shopping without cash or a credit card. Globally, in thousands of communities, people participate in some form of complementary currency exchange, and manage to do just that.

Tim Jenkin,who will be in Australia in May to talk about complementary currencies, says: “I can go to Australia and get accommodation, food and transport and whatever I need. And I don’t have to take a credit card with me or convert dollars. I don’t have to understand anything about the exchange rate. I simply go there and get what I need.”

Tim came to prominence as a campaigner against apartheid with Nelson Mandela and made one of the greatest prison escapes in South African history.

In recent years he has turned his activism to establishing the largest community currency network (CES), a global, community-based, network of complementary currency exchange groups.

Tim says we need new currencies because, the “money system is at the root of most of the misery, suffering and problems faced by humanity. It is also the prime factor behind the environmental crises we face.”

Karel Boele, in a partnership with CES, worked with the NSW Government to provide timebanking in 70 communities across the state. In 2009 Karel worked with the Cambodian Government to develop legislation for the Cambodian Stock Exchange.

“I believe a diversification of currency structures, many different types of currencies and many of them can lead to improved lifestyles, less financial stress, and a more stable economy.”, Karel says.

Karel was a candidate in the recent Queensland state election standing for People Decide (PD), a participatory democracy platform.

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