Community Exchange System

Community Exchange System (CES) is the largest single network of complementary currency and timebanking exchanges in the world.

Example exchange Cape Town Talent Exchange.

Jnana and CES are working on a study to determine the most effective complementary currency system, developing a new leading-edge IT platform, and share knowledge and resources. and

Eagle Corporate Advisers

Eagle Corporate Advisers (ECA) is an international law firm, specializing in:

  • public and private debt and equity finance, public and private M&A;
  • global investment funds formation and management;
  • global corporate structures and reorganizations;
  • intellectual Property protection and strategies; and
  • general commercial transactions.

Jnana and ECA work on projects together and share resources.

Sok Siphana and Associates, Attorneys & Legal Consultants

Sok Siphana and Associates, Attorneys & Legal Consultants (SSA) is a Cambodian law and consulting firm specializing in commercial law and policy development.

SSA knowledge, experience and understanding of legal, commercial and policy environments, combined with its international expertise and regional resources, make it a premier consulting firm.

The firm has been providing legal services to the Royal Government of Cambodia, international investors, financiers and multilateral organisations since 1994, and has had an office in Phnom Penh since 1999.

This partnership provides a strong link between developed and developing countries. Jnana and SSA combined experience, network and pool of international experts can provide an affordable alternative to main-stream consultancy companies.

Jnana and SSA research and undertake joint technical projects together. Assist each other with resources and promote the benefits of each others organisation.

Waratah Community Land Trust Association

Waratah Community Land Trust Association (WCLT) is the community land trust association. WCLT is developing the legal framework for, and co-ordinating community land trust projects in Australia.

Jnana and WCLT share knowledge and resources, and work on initiatives together.

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