People Decide decommissioned

The People Decide project was set up to get a candidate elected who could create real change in the political system. 

This needed a new way of doing things. Having a candidate that was contracted to vote for the people was the only way to ensure change.

A genuine candidate who was honestly elected was important. There could be no piggy-backing on the banner of established parties, no vested interest (big town money) or strings attached.

The only genuine way and with little budget that ensured some probably of success, albeit slow. Was a long term strategy to personally meet, educate and get feedback from all of the electorate and continue to build the vote over time. 

Karel Boele, Director of Jnana, door-knocked nearly the entire electorate over 5 years. It arguably worked for four elections but at the fifth election the vote clearly did not increase. The reason was simple. 80% of people Karel personally met supported the idea and the majority strongly. However, only a minority of people actually took steps to support it, by ensuring they voted the correct way and others knew. The majority were busy or lazy and another minority were threatened by it and took steps to stop it, mostly by spreading incomplete truths to those who were busy or lazy.

After dedicating so much personal time, effort and money to it, Karel had to make the decision to end it.