What is participatory, representative, direct and deliberative democracy?


Participatory democracy is the process of emphasising broad participation of voters in the direction and operation of government. It could be considered a combination of representative, direct and deliberative democracy. We believe all are important.

Representative democracy allows you to elect leaders whose job it is to keep an eye on the bigger picture, provide insight and direction, consult experts, and assist when there is a divide in public opinion. Your PD politicians have to communicate, develop and submit bills and decisions to parliaments and councils.

Direct democracy allows you to vote on bills and decisions being debated in parliaments and councils. If voters vote with a majority, PD politicians are contracted to vote with you on bills and decisions.

Deliberative democracy allows you to debate and discuss bills and decisions before voting. You have to read and can contribute to summaries developed collaboratively by voters on bills and decisions before you vote.

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