I have had the Thermomix since 2015. Amazing invention it can do everything except bake. You find you don't need to use the hot plate on the stove anymore, instead there is one thing that can do everything and there is less to clean up after.

It takes a little while to get used to it because you will be chopping something and then you realise the thermomix can do it. On the other hand you have to learn to cook in a different way. It takes a while to learn to not pulverise your food and how to do it in steps so you can do the chopping, blending, boiling and steaming all in one meal. It can clean itself too. I would not have started baking my own bread if it wasn't for the Thermomix, it makes it so easy that I make my own loafs each week now and I make the best pesto in it. 

I have had it one year and it has been great.


    Jnana setting up an experimental sustainable farm. Nov 2018

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