What safeguards are in place?


a) The Australian and state constitutions, judiciaries and executives remain untouched. For example, freedom of religion is protected in the Australian Constitution, and ministers and mayors will continue to exercise their executive powers. PD does recommend a human right charter enshrined into the constitution to protects more rights;

b) We are doing it one step at a time. [See our plan] The first step is voting on single issue bills and decisions. This will reduce the number of complex bills and decisions. For example, not included in the first step are appropriation (budget) bills, tariffs and rates. PD politicians also automatically vote yes on supply and confidence bills to ensure a stable parliament and council, and no on pre-emptive strikes of war to ensure greater peace;

c) No rushed bills and decisions are ensured. See How long do I have to vote?;

d) In the Federal Parliament and most state parliaments, there are two houses. This means there needs to be two votes. One vote safeguards the other if something goes wrong;

e) We will only have one or two politicians in parliaments and councils in the beginning. This will allow us to test it, put pressure on the other politicians and increase transparency and accountability in parliaments and councils. It will not effectively change law until we get a number of politicians elected in the balance of power or majority;

f) Voting over a long period allows us to monitor for irregularities and intervene if need be; and

g) The software is open-source, so it is transparent and can be studied by anyone.

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