What is difference between PD and other participatory democracy groups?


With the advent of the Internet, there has been a renewed interest in participatory democracy worldwide. Be wary of many participatory democracy groups.

We are aiming to develop a new form of government, not just a party or sexy idea that is not well-thought out and could ruin participatory democracy’s chance for the short term.

We are focused on increasing peoples’ responsibilities in life, to create more awareness, education and engagement in society.

Have a strong focus on ensuring an informed vote.

We are grassroots and funded by the people. There is no significant funding behind us or support from any particular organisation or individual.

We have no intention of making money out of participatory democracy or running an opinion polling organisation.

We have built the technology and are the first to. We use open-source software.

Have links to the original and have experience with numerous participatory democracy initiatives in Australia.

We are doing it as an experiment with a step-by-step plan. As the model is tested, refined and proven we move to the next step.

We are strategic and well-thought out. We did our research before we started.

Other participatory democracy groups may not actually offer politicians contracted to vote with you. They may call an initiative a peoples’ assembly or other name but at the end of the day, the politicians or committees can still vote the way they want. There may be money and/or ulterior motives behind them. They may be trying to commoditise democracy by incorporating it with trading or a currency. They may not be focused on increasing peoples’ responsibility.

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